Last Revised: October 2021
  1. Definitions

    In this Agreement and in the Schedules hereto, the following words and expressions shall bear the meanings set forth opposite them:

    "Agreement" means (i) all the terms and conditions set out in this document, (ii) the terms and conditions of the Commission Schedule entered between the Company and the Affiliate, (iii) the Privacy Policy, and (iv) any other rules and/or guidelines of the Company and/or the Operators, as posted in the Programme Website or the Operators' Websites, as applicable, or sent to the Affiliate from time to time.

    "Applicable Law" means all laws and regulations applicable to the Parties and their respective unit holders or shareholders, and the regulations promulgated under such laws, and all directives, requirements and guidelines, as may be amended from time to time (including any laws, regulations or guidelines in relation to the content and nature of any advertising or marketing).

    "Commission" means the consideration to Affiliate from the Company, under the Affiliate Programme, as set out in the Commission Schedule.

    "Commission Schedule" means a schedule to this Agreement or an offer made available in our back-office software, either in the form of an ‘Insertion Order’ or an ‘Offer’, which includes the specific Commission payment mechanism, as mutually agreed by the Parties.

    "Company" means VIP Media Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of Malta, registration number C 84244, with registered offices at Abacus Bus Ctr Lvl1 Dun KArm Str, BKara Bypas Birkirkara BKR9037, Malta.

    "Confidential Information" means any of the Company's or the Operators' information of commercial or essential value, such as, but without limitation, financial reports, trade secrets, know-how, prices, business information, products, strategies, databases, information about New Players, other customers and users of the Operators' Websites, other Affiliates, technology, marketing plans and manners of operation.

    "Data Protection Laws" means any and/or all applicable domestic and foreign laws, rules, directives and regulations, on any local, provincial, state or deferral or national level, pertaining to data privacy, data security and/or the protection of personal data, including the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC (and respective local implementing laws) concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (Directive on privacy and electronic communications), including any amendments or replacements to them, including the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("GDPR").

    "Fraud" means deposits, revenues and/or traffic generated through illegal means or any other action committed in bad faith to defraud the Company or the Operators (as determined by Company in its sole discretion), regardless of whether or not it actually causes Company or the Operators’ harm, which might include, but without limiting, the following: 1. the encouragement by Affiliate or a third party of Bonus (as such term is defined below) abuse on the part of the New Player; 2. a chargeback executed by a New Player in relation to their initial deposit; 3. collusion on the part of the New Player with any other player on the Operator Website; 4. the opening of an account in breach of the terms of this Agreement; 5. the offering or providing by Affiliate or any third party of any unauthorized incentives (financial or otherwise), including without limitation Rakeback, to potential or existing New Players; 6. creating or using a single link intended to be used by a single user; 7. sending spam, as such term is defined in any jurisdiction Affiliate conducts the Marketing Activities; 8. registering as a player or making deposits directly or indirectly to any player account through his Link(s) for its own personal use and/or the use of its relatives, friends, employees or other third parties, or in any other way attempting to artificially increase the commission payable or to otherwise defraud the Company and/or the Operators (including by arbitrage); 9. presenting any materials in the Marketing Tools under the Marketing Activities in such a way that it might evoke any risk of confusion with the Operators, the Operators' Websites or the Programme Website or conveying the impression that the Marketing Tools are partly or fully originated with/from the Operators' Website and/or the Operators; and/or 10. any other act by Affiliate or by a New Player which is reasonably understood to have been committed in bad faith against the Company regardless of whether or not such action has resulted in any type of harm or damage to the Company. Violation of any of the above provisions, by Affiliate and/or by Affiliate Introduction(s), shall be deemed as fraud and shall entitle the Company to terminate this Agreement immediately.

    "Intellectual Property Rights" means any copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, inventions, domain names, brands, business names, utility brands, rights in computer software, source codes, rights in databases and know-how, design rights, Confidential Information, registrations of the aforesaid and/or any other rights in the nature of the aforesaid.

    "Links" means internet hyperlinks (which have been provided by us to you) directed from the Marketing Tools to the Operators' Websites.

    "Marketing Materials" means any of the Operators' marketing material and information which the Company and/or the Operators may make available to you from time to time, online, through e-mail, the Programme Website or the Operators' Website, as applicable, necessary for the implementation of the Links, or any other general marketing materials used by the Affiliate to market and refer potential players to the Operators' Websites.

    "Marketing Tools" means the Affiliate Website(s), media buying, pop-ups, pop-unders, PPC, campaigns, e-mail marketing, social network campaigns and/or any other form used by Affiliate in advertising, marketing and promoting the Operators' Websites, as pre-approved by the Company.

    "Marketing Activities" means advertising, marketing and promoting the Operators' Websites through the Marketing Tools.

    "New Player" means an internet user without a prior or existing account with the Operator, who (i) is permitted under Applicable Law to use the gaming services offered by the Operator, (ii) during the term of the Agreement accesses the Company Websites through the Marketing Tools, (iii) completes the applicable registration process, (iv) agrees and accepts the Operator's terms of use, (v) opens a new user account with the Operator's Website (after such user's identity, address and age were verified), and (vi) makes the required minimum deposit/plays in such account, but excluding the Affiliate, Introductions, its employees, relatives and/or friends.

    "Operator(s)" means various online operators as may be designated to you by the Company from time to time.

    "Operators' Websites" the internet website(s) operated by the Operators, as may be designated from time to time to Affiliate by the Company, under the Affiliate Programme.

    "Parties" means both the Company and the Affiliate, each a "Party".

    "Privacy Policy" means the Company's privacy policy which can be found here.

    "Programme Website"

    "Restricted Territories" means any countries and/or jurisdictions other than the Target Territories, which you may not promote or market the Operators, which include, but are not limited to (i) any restricted territory which is listed on the operator’s website or terms and conditions and/or (ii) any countries and/or jurisdictions that are listed in "Appendix 1" hereto, either of which may be amended by the Company from time to time.

    "Affiliate" means you, the person or entity, who applies to participate in the Affiliate Programme, following your execution of the Commission Schedule.

    "Sub-Affiliate" means any person who is not already a member of the Programme which was introduced to Company by an Affiliate and joins the Affiliate Programme thereof, subject to Company’s prior approval.

    "Affiliate Website(s)" means one or more websites on the internet which are maintained and operated solely by the Affiliate and which have been disclosed to the Company.

    "Affiliate Programme" means the collaboration between the Company and the Affiliate whereby the Affiliate will perform the Marketing Activities and thereby be paid a Commission.

    "Target Territories" Means the countries and/or jurisdictions which you may promote or market the Operators, as determined by us and notified to you in writing from time to time.

  2. Introduction
    1. This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the Company and the Affiliate. By applying for the Company's Affiliate Programme, which requires registration, Affiliate agrees to be bound by this Agreement.
    2. The Company may amend all or part of the Agreement at any time at its sole discretion. Notice of such amendments will be sent to the email address provided by you or posted on our platform and will be deemed to have been served immediately when sent by the Company to the email address provided by the Affiliate in the sign up form or by a pop-up message appearing on our platform when the Affiliate logs into its account, whichever occurs sooner. If the Affiliate does not agree with such amendments, the Affiliate may terminate this Agreement in accordance with the terms hereof. If the Affiliate continues to participate in the Affiliate Programme after receiving notification of such amendments, such continuance will be considered as a binding acceptance of such amendments.
    3. The Company shall evaluate the Affiliate application hereby submitted and shall notify the Affiliate in writing (email) whether the Affiliate application is accepted or not. Company shall endeavour to complete the evaluation within two (2) business days. The Company reserves the right to refuse any registration in its sole and absolute discretion. This Agreement shall not be binding or enter into effect in relation to the Company until the Company approves both the Affiliate application, the Commission Schedule and any applicable Affiliate Introduction.
  3. Qualifying Conditions
    1. The Affiliate hereby represents and warrants, on its behalf and on behalf of any applicable Affiliate Introduction, that:

      (a) He is the older of (i) eighteen (18) years of age; or (ii) the legal adult age which is legally required in order to perform the Affiliate's obligations under this Agreement, according to Applicable Law;

      (b) Its entering into this Agreement does not violate any Applicable Law or regulations;

      (c) Any and all required information that it has submitted in the Affiliate application is true, accurate and complete, and that no aliases or other names were used to mask the true identify or contact information and it will maintain the accuracy of the information;

      (d) It agrees that the Company may, at its discretion, carry out verification checks of the Affiliate and require it to provide certain documents for verification purposes. It agrees that it will, when requested, promptly provide documents for the purposes of proof of identity, proof of residence and address, as may be deemed necessary, from time to time, by Company;

      (e) It has obtained and will maintain in force all necessary registrations, authorisations, consents and licenses necessary to fulfil his obligations under this Agreement.

      (f) It fully understands and accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

    2. If the Company is informed or has reason to believe that Affiliate, and/or any applicable Affiliate Introduction, is not eligible to be a party to the Affiliate Programme or that it becomes ineligible, the engagement with such Affiliates may be terminated without notice and all commissions owing but the programme may be withheld
  4. Marketing Materials and Affiliate Website(s)
    1. At the Company's sole discretion, Company may make available the Marketing Materials to Affiliate.
    2. Only Marketing Materials provided by the Company may be used by the Affiliate, unless otherwise approved in writing by an authorised representative of the Company.
    3. The Affiliate is obliged and agrees to disclose to the Company (in writing) all of the Affiliate’s Websites. The Affiliate further acknowledges and agrees that any of the Affiliate Websites which are aimed at players from the:

      (a) United Kingdom, in particular, those with ‘.uk’ domain, will require our prior written approval and signing of an additional document detailing UK requirements. The Affiliate shall immediately stop using the Marketing Materials or any part thereof in any of the Affiliate Websites if instructed to do so by the Company.

      (b) United States must follow the CAN-SPAM compliance guidelines as defined by FTC. . Use of deceptive from lines including friendly from and subject lines is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with ad terms and campaign guidelines will result in non-payment and/or immediate account termination.

    4. All Marketing Materials must be professional, proper and lawful under all Applicable Law and otherwise comply with the terms of this Agreement. Without derogating from the above, you shall not promote on any of the Affiliate Website(s) or authorize, assist or encourage any third party to promote on any of the Affiliate Website(s) any Marketing Materials or other content:

      (a) that are libellous, discriminatory, obscene, unlawful, sexually explicit, pornographic or violent or which are, in our sole discretion, otherwise unsuitable;

      (b) that have as their direct or indirect objective the targeting of marketing to any persons who are less than 18 years of age (or such higher age as may apply in the jurisdiction that you are targeting);

      (c) that: (a) infringe our and/or any third party's intellectual property rights; (b) copy or resemble our and/or any third party's property in whole or in part; or (c) disparages us and/or any third party or otherwise damages our and/or any third party's goodwill or reputation in any way

      (d) that cause any website (or any parts or pages thereof) to open in a visitor's browser other than as a result of the visitor clicking on banners or text links contained in or as part of any Marketing Materials;

      (e) that violate the terms of use and any applicable policies of any search engines;

      (f) that market and/or advertise in territories which are Restricted Territories, and/or attempt to circumvent any restriction which we have put in place to prevent marketing and/or advertising in Restricted Territories; and

      (g) that use and/or provide Marketing Materials which use and/or include any virus, Trojan horse or any other kind of malware.

      (h) that promote any operators which are not licensed under all Applicable Law.

  5. Responsibilities and Obligations of the Affiliate
    1. The Affiliate undertakes, acknowledges, confirms, and agrees:

      (a) that all deals and offers provided to them are only applicable and may only be utilised by the Affiliate if they are not actively promoting the applicable Operator directly. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Affiliate confirms that they do not currently and will not promote any such Operators directly and that they will not solicitate any such Operators to discontinue or curtail any business relationship with the Company. In the event that the Affiliate becomes aware that they are already promoting any Operator directly, they shall, without delay, notify the Company;

      (b) to use its best efforts to actively and effectively perform the Marketing Activities, as widely as possible in order to maximize the benefit to the Parties and that it will abide with the guidelines of the Operators, as posted in the Operators' Websites, as applicable, or sent to the Affiliate from time to time and/or accessible online;

      (c) to conduct the Marketing Activities and to refer potential players to the Operators' Websites at its own risk, cost and expense. The Affiliate will be solely responsible for the distribution, content, legality and manners of its Marketing Activities. All of the Affiliate's Marketing Activities must be professional, proper and lawful under Applicable Law and regulations and in accordance with this Agreement;

      (d) to use only the Links provided by the programme and no other links to the Operators' Websites;

      (e) to be responsible for the development, the operation, and the maintenance of (i) the Marketing Tools as well as for all material appearing on the Marketing Tools; and (ii) any and all of the materials used in the Marketing Tools;

      (f) that it will not (by itself or through the Marketing Tools) perform any act or publish any material, which is libellous, discriminatory, obscene, unlawful or otherwise unsuitable or which contains sexually explicit, pornographic, obscene or graphically violent materials;

      (g) that it is responsible for anything that happens through its account, whether or not such actions were taken by it. In the event Affiliate becomes aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security, including, without limitation any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of its login information or unauthorised access to its account, it must immediately notify the Company and modify its password;

      (h) that it will not actively target any person who is under the legal age for gambling, according to Applicable Law;

      (i) that it will not actively target any Restricted Territories or any jurisdiction where such games are illegal;

      (j) that it will, at all times, comply with all Applicable Law, and that if needed under Applicable Law, it will obtain and maintain all necessary licenses or approvals or permits to perform its obligations under this Agreement and to be able to receive the Commission;

      (k) that the Company is an 'Affiliate' of the Operators, therefore, Affiliate is subject to the terms of the Operators' applicable terms, conditions and regulations and must actively conform and comply with each Operator's terms and conditions;

      (l) that the Company may, at its discretion, carry out verification checks and/or monitor the Affiliate’s Marketing Activities, including but not limited to the Links, Marketing Materials and Marketing Tools used by the Affiliate. In such cases, the Company may require the Affiliate to provide certain documents and information in order to conduct such verification checks. The Affiliate therefore agrees that it will, at no cost to the Company, promptly provide such documents and information requested by Company from time to time;

      (m) that any data relating the New Players, provided directly or indirectly to the Company by such New Players through the Affiliate Programme and any intellectual property rights related thereto or associated therewith is exclusively owned by, and rights in and to such data and such intellectual property rights exclusively vest in, the Company, subject to Applicable Law;

      (n) to (i) remove any information and/or marketing materials, of any kind; and/or (ii) terminate any Marketing Tool and/or Marketing Activity and/or other activity under the Affiliate Programme, immediately upon the Company's first request;

      (o) that it will use best efforts to execute the Marketing Activities in a manner consistent with good business ethics and in good faith towards the Company and it will not generate activity to the Operators' Websites by illegal or Fraud activities;

      (p) that, except as explicitly provided under the Marketing Materials, the Affiliate may not use the Company's or the Operators' trademarks and other Intellectual Property Rights without their prior written consent, as applicable; and

      (q) it shall not offer or provide any New Player or potential New Player any type of Rakeback or Bonus (as defined below) without the Company's prior written approval, and shall make best efforts to ensure that none of its employees shall directly or indirectly offer any New Player or potential New Player any such type of Rakeback or unauthorized Bonus without the Company's prior written approval. For purposes of this Clause: (A) "Rakeback" shall include any form of incentive, promotion or rebate, howsoever labelled or named, which is offered, awarded or paid back to New Players and which is based on a portion of such New Players' rake; (B)"Bonus" means the total amount of all credits, bonuses, bonus points, freerolls, free bets, special bets and other promotional amounts and incentives granted to New Players, whether monetary or tangible, which shall all be decided by the Company in its sole discretion.

      (r) it shall keep confidential and shall not disclose to any third party any and all Confidential information and shall use such Confidential Information solely for the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.

      (s) It shall ensure that no press release in respect of the execution of this Agreement or any matters arising therefrom may be released by it without the express written approval of the Company.

      (t) it agrees that during the engagement herein, and for the one (1) year period immediately thereafter, it shall not solicit or contact any employee of the Company with a view to inducing or encouraging such employee to discontinue or curtail any employment relationship with the Company.

    2. 5A. Sub-Affiliates
      1. Affiliates will be entitled, to introduce Sub-Affiliates to the Programme.
      2. All Sub-Affiliate shall register directly to the Programme and upon registration shall be considered as an Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate under the Programme for all purposes. Both Affiliate and all Sub- Affiliate shall be subject to the Agreement always.
      3. All correspondence regarding Sub- Affiliate shall be made directly between Company and the Sub-Affiliate. Affiliate shall be granted with such information about Sub-Affiliate activities and statistical information as decided by the Company from time to time and as set forth in the Programme.
      4. So long as both Affiliate and Sub- Affiliate are members in the Programme, Affiliate shall be entitled to Commissions for the Sub- Affiliate activity as set forth in the Commission Schedule (“Referral Fee”). The Commission structure and the Referral Fee may be amended or changed by the Company unilaterally at any time including with respect to Sub-Affiliate. Affiliate will not receive Commission for Sub- Affiliates following the date on which Affiliate ceases to be a member in the Programme.
      5. The Referral Fee shall be paid monthly together with the Commission due to the Affiliate under its own account and pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
      6. The Referral Fee shall be the only consideration payable to Affiliate for the referral of such Sub- Affiliate.
      7. Affiliate will be liable to Company, jointly and severally with any Sub- Affiliate, for the performance of such Sub- Affiliate obligations under the Agreement.
  6. Data Protection
    1. Affiliate hereby represents and warrants that: (a) it shall not transmit to Company any personal data related to its end-users or customers (except with Company’s prior authorization and subject to entering into an appropriate data protection addendum, as required under applicable Data Protection Laws); and (b) it shall comply with any and all applicable Data Protection Laws.
    2. The Affiliate is obliged to inform the Company of how they obtain the data and this will be checked in line with the requirements set out by Article 28 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR).
    3. Without derogating from the above, Affiliate hereby represents and warrants that its Marketing Activities and/or Marketing Tools, and/or any other activity that involves the delivery of direct marketing or promotional materials, shall confirm with the below:

      (a) Affiliate shall comply with any and all applicable Data Protection Laws, including the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (PECR) the EU General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR).

      (b) Any and all promotional materials or promotional communications directed at Affiliate’s end users or clients, by whatever means (e.g. email, SMS messages, etc.; collectively “Promotions”) shall contain a clear and conspicuous notice of the opportunity to opt out of receiving future Promotions in an easy manner, by any of the following means (as applicable): (a) replying directly to the Promotion, (b) clicking on a clear 'unsubscribe' in the Promotion, or (c) by sending a stop message to a short code number. The recipient of a Promotion shall not be required to pay a fee or provide any other information;

      (c) Affiliate is responsible to ensure that any request by a recipient to opt-out of receiving future Promotions shall be honoured within no later than seven (7) days;

      (d) Affiliate is responsible to ensure that it has received affirmative consent from the recipients of Promotions as necessary in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws for the purpose of delivering any Promotions, as well as to notify the recipients of such Promotions regarding the Affiliate’s data processing activities and direct marketing activities, including through an adequate and accessible privacy policy;

      (e) All Promotions shall contain the identity of the sending entity, including contact details and a clear and conspicuous identification that the Promotion is an advertisement or solicitation;

      (f) With respect to email Promotions – the header of any email Promotions shall indicate the sending source, destination and routing information, and the email Promotion shall include a return email address or phone number, as applicable, which will allow the recipient to communicate with Affiliate, and may be used to facilitate the opt out mechanism; and

      (g) The Promotions should not contain materially false or materially misleading information.

  7. Payment
    1. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Company agrees to pay the Affiliate the Commission. Payment of any Commission is subject to Affiliate first generating five (5) active New Players within a three-month period of joining the Affiliate Programme. The Commission shall be deemed to be inclusive of any applicable VAT, tax, levy and/or withholding tax, all of which shall be incurred by Affiliate and none of which shall be refundable from Company.
    2. The Company shall administrate the turnover generated via the Links, record the total amount of Commission earned via the Links and provide the Affiliate with Commission statistics, as available to the Company. The aforesaid information is based on information received by the Operators, if any, and any calculation thereof is made in accordance thereto, at the Company's sole and final discretion.
    3. Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that the turnover generated via the Links may be subject to 'Negative Carryover' provisions, deductions, deferred payments and other provisions which may affect the Commission, all subject to the terms and conditions of each of the Operators, as applicable.
    4. The Commission is calculated at the end of each month and payments shall be made on a monthly basis in arrears, provided that the amount due exceeds €750 (the "Minimum Threshold") and only if the Company has received full payment for these transactions. If the balance due is less than the Minimum Threshold, it shall be accumulated and carried over to the following month and shall be payable when the balance due collectively exceeds the Minimum Threshold.
    5. If an error is made in the calculation of the Commission, or an overpayment is made, without prejudice to any other right that the Company may have, the Company reserves the right to correct such calculation or overpayment at any time and will immediately pay out underpayment or reclaim (including by deduction) overpayment made to the Affiliate.
    6. The Affiliate is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their payment details provided to the Company. Any cost incurred by the Company resulting from incorrect payment details provided by the Affiliate to the Company will be deducted from the Commission due to the Affiliate
    7. In the event that there is a pending payment owed to the Affiliate as a result of incorrect, invalid or incomplete payment details, and the Company has made all reasonable efforts to contact the Affiliate, such amounts will be cancelled after a period of 3 years.
    8. If the Affiliate disagrees with the Commission as paid, it shall notify the Company within five (5) days of payment (the "Challenge Period") and state the reasons of the disagreement. Failure to notify the Company within the prescribed time limit shall be deemed to be considered as an irrevocable acknowledgment of the balance due for the period indicated.
    9. The Affiliate's acceptance of the payment of the Commission at the lapse of the Challenge Period shall be deemed to constitute the full and final settlement of the balance due for the relevant period.
    10. The Company retains the right to review at any time all Commissions, whether paid or payable, for possible Fraud of any kind. In any period of time during which the Company reviews commissions for possible Fraud, such review period not to exceed 180 days, the Company shall have the right to withhold any Commission accrued to Affiliate as a result of such alleged Fraud, and such Commission will not be paid until such time as the review has been concluded. Any incidence of direct Fraud on Affiliate's part shall constitute a breach of this Agreement, and the Company shall have full right and authority to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event of such breach. Further, in the event that the Company or the Operator can show that Fraud has occurred, either on Affiliate's part of on the part of a New Player, Affiliate shall not be entitled to receive any Commission which has accrued to Affiliate's benefit as a result of such Fraud. The Company retains the right to set-off from any future Commission payable to Affiliate any amounts already received by Affiliate which can be shown to have been generated to Affiliate's benefit as a result of Fraud.
    11. The Company may in its sole discretion withhold the payment of any balance to the Affiliate for up to one hundred-and-eighty (180) days if the Company needs to investigate and verify that the relevant transactions comply with the provisions of this Agreement.
    12. No payment shall be due if the Company has reasons to believe that the activity generated by the Affiliate is illegal or is in breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement (including but not limited to promoting in any Restricted Territory).
    13. Without derogating from any other remedies available to the Company under applicable law and/or under this Agreement, the Affiliate agrees to return all Commission paid to it (and any applicable Affiliate Introduction) in breach of this Agreement.
  8. Term and Termination
    1. Without derogating from any other right or remedy of the Company available to Company under this Agreement or under any Applicable Law, Company may immediately, and without notice, terminate this Agreement and/or any Commission Schedule and/or close any Affiliate’s (and/or any applicable Affiliate Introduction’s) account if:

      (a) In Company’s sole opinion, such termination is necessary to comply with any Applicable Law, any Company policy or license and/or in order to protect the interests of the Company;

      (b) Affiliate (and/or any applicable Affiliate Introduction’s) is in breach of this Agreement.

    2. The Affiliate may terminate this Agreement, with or without cause, immediately upon written notice to Company, by sending an email marked 'Termination VIP Media Ltd' to [email protected] . For the avoidance of doubt, termination of the Agreement will end Affiliate’s participation in the Company’s Affiliate Programme as a whole, including any fees payable under any Commission Schedule (and/or any applicable Affiliate Introduction’s Commission Schedule). Affiliate may not terminate any part of a Commission Schedule in isolation.
    3. Without derogating from the above, the Company may terminate this Agreement or any specific part of a Commission Schedule, with or without cause at any time, upon written notice to Affiliate sent by email to such email address provided to the Company. In the event Company terminates the Agreement as a whole, it shall be entitled to automatically remove and/or render any Link(s)s inoperative. For the avoidance of doubt, on termination of this Agreement the Affiliate will no longer receive any Commission. If the Company terminates/removes a specific Link(s), the Affiliate will no longer receive any Commission through that Link(s).
    4. In any circumstance where the Company terminates this Agreement or removes any specific Link(s), Company may, at its sole discretion and without prejudice to its further rights and remedies, suspend the Agreement or any specific Link(s). During the period of any suspension, Company may withhold the payment of any Commission that relates to any affected Link(s)s.
    5. In the event Affiliate does not, for 180-day period, refer any New Players then, at Company’s sole discretion, Company may take the following action:

      (a) render Affiliate’s account inactive and notify Affiliate by email. If Company does not receive any response from Affiliate within thirty (30) days, the provisions of Clause 7.6 shall apply, and any Commission owing will automatically revert to Company;

      (b) immediately remove/render any Link(s)s inoperative and make no further Commission payments to Affiliate.

    6. On termination of this Agreement:

      (a) Affiliate shall stop promoting the Links and all rights and licenses given to it under this Agreement will terminate immediately; and

      (b) Affiliate shall return all Confidential Information to us and cease use of any of Marketing Materials.

      Sections 5(r) (Confidentiality), 5(s) (Publication), 5(t) (No Solicitation) 8 (Term and Termination), 9 (indemnification), 10 (Limitation of Liability) and 11 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction) shall survive the termination of this Agreement for any reason.

  9. Indemnification
    1. Affiliate shall indemnify, defend, and hold Company harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, liabilities and costs (including, without limitation, settlement costs and any legal or other fees and expenses for investigating or defending any actions or threatened actions) incurred by Company (and any of its related parties) in connection with any claim arising out of Affiliate`s violation of this Agreement.
  10. Limitation of Liability
    1. In addition to any limitation of liability appearing in any other provision hereof, Company shall not be liable to Affiliate for any of the following types of loss or damage, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage:

      (a) incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind;

      (b) loss of business, profits, revenue, contracts or anticipated savings; and/or

      (c) loss or damage arising from loss, damage or corruption of any data.

    3. The provisions of this Agreement allocate the risks between Company and Affiliate, and Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that Company`s pricing reflects this allocation of risk and the limitations of liability specified herein.
  11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Malta and the competent courts in the country shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters relating hereto (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

Appendix 1

Restricted Territories